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Ok, I know i haven't been on a lot lately, but i have good reasons! I've been crazy super busy what with school starting and all, so...... here's what I've been doing!

1. Missing my anniversary!
Yup, four days ago my dA account turned 1 year old and I missed it XD but seriously... THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for staying with me for an entire year! I love you all and thank you for putting up with my craziness and inconsistent posting for the past year! here's to many years to come!

2. Seeing Evita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is BY FAR my favorite reason for ever missing anything ever. IT WAS SO AMAZING. You know how I said I was obsessed like 2 months ago? That has increases tenfold. The music was gorgeous- ALW is an absolute genius. And if you listen to "Requiem" and you've heard "Don Juan Triumphant" (or vice versa) you can totally tell that they're written by the same person. The set was incredible- Usually Evita has a very sparse and basic set, and I went into the theatre fully expecting one. What did i get? A FULL ON ORNATELY DESIGNED MOVING FUCKING PALACE of a set. The cast was AMAZING and so nice- I saw Elena Roger, Ricky Martin, and Micheal Cerveris... and OHMIGOD. They were FLAWLESS. ESPECIALLY Elena. Just..... WOW. I honestly don't understand why some people *coughcoughMOMcoughcough* don't like her, she's absolutely perfect and shes gorgeous and I have like every level girl crush on her. AND I MET HER!!! She was so nice and she hugged me and she's so short and adorable and GAHHHHHH. So yeah, that was my Evita experience!!!

3. Starting high school!
I will give you a minute to let it sink in that 'm probably way younger than you. ok. we're good. SO! it's not nearly as bad as i though it was gonna be. I actually really love it! I'm pissed that no one told me that we had rehearsal the first day but whatever XD My teachers are all cool and I actually have friends so im happy!!! :D

4. Contemplating my future name
Ok so this really hasn't been keeping me offline but I just want to share because I want opinions. You know how like every celebrity has changed their name? Well, I think that when I graduate college I'm going to legally change mine. Not my first name, I'll still be Erin, but my last name (which I am not going to tell you so don't ask) is long and pretty hard to spell. So.... I think that when I graduate college I'm going to change my name to Erin Thomas. Like it? the name Thomas has been in my family for a really long time and i wanted to incorporate into my future in some way and I wanted to change my name so this happened! Plus I think 'Erin Thomas' has a really nice ring to it. please give me opinions on what you think!

so that's what's been happening in my life lately, sorry I haven't been on... I promise I will be on more often! Love you all!


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Veronica <3
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Well hello there!!! ok, so i am probably the biggest dork alive!!! (if you dare challenge that, then speak now or forever hold your peace) ummm lets start by listing my interests!
1. anime: and so the dorkiness begins. i am a complete otaku, and i am currently in the middle of multiple animes. and before doku-san even says it, YES I AM STARTING HETALIA!!!
2. WICKED!!! ok so i saw it in june with teal wicks and katy rose clarke (i am currently mourning their departure from the show). then a week later the soundtrack arrived, and so the obsession began. i have listened to the soundtrack about 50 times scince then, and i know all of elphaba's lines (yeah i even have a libretto, be jelous)
3. music!!! by who you ask? lets seeee..... idina menzel, kristin chenowith, barbra striesand, GLEE, demi lovato, and any broadway soundtrack i can get my hands on. :D favorite song? hmmmmm...... sweet oz its too hard to choose! to much pressure!

ok so now you know what i like! im a VERY loud person!!! one of my nicknames is "The Loud Italian" haha :) i am constantly making sarcastic comments and puns and whatnot, and i talk proper sometimes, reading as much as i do will do that to ya :) if you havent figured it out yet, i use smileys execively!!! :):):):) hmmm lets see what else, oh! i would classify myself as mercedes from glee, but ive got a little bit of santana if ya catch my drift ;) which reminds me..... i am the ONLY one of my friends that is not obsessed with yaoi, in fact i am obsessed with yuri!!! gelphie, to be specific *fangirl scream* alrighy then thats pretty much it! wait wait wait one more thing, I LOVE FUNNY VOICES! ok, NOW im done boring you with my personality XD
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